Voices from the Village

An Audiowalk of a Regenerated Cityscape


Voices from the Village should be done alone or in pairs, but not in a large group as it is difficult for a lot of people to walk at the same speed. You will have a far more rewarding experience if you give your full attention to the voices and complete the walk in silence.

The Voices from the Village audio files can be downloaded at any time. The walk lasts for approximately 90 minutes. You can do the walk on any day between the hours of 10 am-5pm  (these are the times that all of the locations on the walk are open).


Before you begin:

1. Set up a Twitter account. You can view instructions for setting up a Twitter account here.
2. Tweet the photos you take using the hashtag #voicesfromthevillage OR email them to voicesfromthevillage@outlook.com. Although there are points when the voices give you direct instructions to take pictures feel free to take photos whenever you want to.
3. Make sure you have downloaded the audio files to a portable device that supports MP3 format.
4. Check to ensure your device’s battery is full charged.
5. Check the weather: you will be spending a lot of time outside.

Once the audiowalk starts you will be guided by the voices on the track. To begin you must do the following:

1. Board the DLR train at Stratford Underground Station going to Stratford International.
2. Press play as soon as the train starts moving but not before.

When you are walking:

1. As soon as you start let each track play continuously.
2. You must listen carefully to the instructions you are given as they are not repeated.
3. You must walk the route the voices guide you on. After each transition the voice will tell you where you should be e.g. ‘you should now be standing by the school’. If you are not where the voice says you should be, pause the track and walk to the location where the voice says you should be. Press play when you reach the correct location.

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