Voices from the Village

An Audiowalk of a Regenerated Cityscape

Joseph Dunne

Joseph is a performance practitioner and scholar. Voices from the Village marks the culmination of his practice-as-research PhD project, entitled Regenerating the Live: The Archive as the Genesis of a Performance Practice. The archive – as a physical space and philosophical concept – underpins all of his practice.

The city is Joseph’s stage. Live performance allows participants to experience the city’s manifold presences; the city is a vessel which holds sites of conflict, of celebration, of alienation, of decay, of preservation, of

remembering and of forgetting. The archive offers a potential for navigating this palimpsest.

The archive has fascinated Joseph for many years; the archive manifests our obsession with recording and preserving everyday living experience in photographs, text, film and sound, in order to etch ourselves onto an emerging futurescape, a time and place that is always just out of reach, yet has a strong presence in our lives.

Joseph’s work explores how a mode of live performance underpinned by archival practices can transform spectators into participants, whose role it is to navigate the complex interstices between past, present and future by documenting their experiences of urban sites. Just as archaeologists dig beneath the earth’s strata to create portals into the past, participants in Joseph’s work navigate cityscapes to peel back the outward layers of a place’s function to experience its subjective truths.



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